Where To Find Us

One of the differences between Croissants and Neuf and a regular cars and coffee is that the locations change, helping to attract new cars and owners, and also giving a chance to showcase some great businesses in and around Sussex. 

We’ve held events at pubs close to Chichester and Horsham, visited an artisan bakery in Newhaven, occupied a photo studio in Waterlooville and taken over beach front car parks in both Newhaven and Littlehampton and been to a 5* waterfront hotel in Southampton!

I’m always on the look out for new venues to host meet ups, so if you know of somewhere suitable drop me a message. As a rule of thumb they need car parking for at 70-80 cars as these events get busy fast! 

On top of our own events we’ve organised convoys to some of the biggest Porsche events in the UK, adding the fun and helping everyone get to know each other a bit more.

2023 saw the first of our Sunset Sessions at Brighton Karting in Albourne. These evening events had a nice chilled vibe with optional Karting for those who wanted to take part. 

Stay tuned for details of events in 2024 including some more evening meets, as well as the regular Crossiants and Neuf Breakfast time gatherings and show convoys. 

Want to stay up to date - join our Porsche focused WhatsApp group. Please email or DM on social media and we’ll send you over a link. Here you’ll be able to chat with other local owners and hear about meets and drive outs first.